The Rise of Social Media Marketing Lahore and How to Make It Stop?

Sat 16th May 2020 - 9:43am : General

The world of marketing and advertising has taken an extend and importance in this modern era. In a very short period, it has moved from push techniques to those that pull the clients. In this transformation, the marketers all over the globe have adopted this multi-channel approach to attract customers. The most important part of social media marketing companies in Lahore that they rattled the old ways and tricks of advertising and promotion of their brand and business. By using

Social media marketing, as the name, shows for internet marketing that social networking websites as marketing tools. This type of marketing takes on the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Many suppliers of social media marketing services in Lahore have adopted this strategy to gain access to a much larger customer base and a much-engaged audience.

The trend of traditional marketing is fading away. Digital Marketing and advertising revenues are staggeringly overtaking the TV ad spend. But in Pakistan, most of the majority of advertising still spend on TV and billboards.

Still, there are many brands and companies that lack and understanding and knowledge of digital marketing. It is difficult to judge how much advertising revenue is being generated in Pakistan through social media. The potential is unbeatable with the growth of the internet and social media penetration.

Big companies and MNCs today are moving to social media marketing and those that are not will have to quickly catch up or they would be left behind in this race. There are global trends in the few coming years that are worth watching out for in social media marketing. The rise of social media marketing means that a higher engagement rate between clients or users and companies. It includes more communication with more feedback or review and meaningful customer support.


The rise of video content and animation has also been noticed in social media marketing Lahore. it will likely grow unpredictable extend in the coming years. Moreover, personalization will be a key feature; marketers are cashing on catching these moments through targeted and some segmental advertising. 

The marketing world will be increased when it comes to chatbots and chat rooms making communication with brands and companies extremely easy and accessible.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining attention where the focus of marketing activities is on influential personalities rather than considering the whole market. These individuals can influence the target audience and buyers. The trends in social media marketing are growing and changing rapidly just as the digital world growing. The ratio of adaption by companies should grow proportionately to keep abreast with the dynamism of the sector.

Changing the Marketing Game

Although print, television and radio advertising are still in use. They can no longer compromise your whole marketing strategy. Customers, now want a more personal connection and traditional marketing comes across as passive in this modern and digital era.

Social media marketing has evolved to fulfill the requirements and needs by allowing users or customers to connect with the brand and companies like never before. Now, company presence can have a major influence on their overall marketing success.

The rise of Social media has also made possible for practices with some resources to establish themselves as leaders of their related and respective industry through experienced and skilled utilization of social media channels. 

Keeping up with the times

This change may seem different from the other common marketing practices of just a decade. It serves to the level of the playing field by permitting smaller companies to gain recognition and enhance their online reputation.

Minimizing the time on Social Media Promotion

Even though the act of social selling is getting progressively well known among sales reps and advertisers, the genuine procedure of utilizing online life stages to drive development is vastly different from what the vast majority are utilized to. Instead of utilizing social as a functioning special stage, it's ideal to utilize it as an instrument for commitment and correspondence.

It's suggested that organizations keep their special substance to 20%, while a lot of content ought to be committed to addressing the necessities of your crowd.



With many areas of marketing and digital marketing, there are a large number of changes across the social media industry that you need to keep up with. This is why we're keeping track of all the big digital marketing trends across different channels to keep you up-to-date and ahead of the curve.

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